The ChickPeas is a high-quality chickpea product.

It is produced by an environmentally conscious company that has been growing and processing chickpeas since 2007.

About Us

The ChickPeas company is engaged in growing, processing and transportation of chickpeas.

Our company strives not only to pursue our commercial interests but also to produce an environmentally safe high-quality product meeting all market requirements and, more importantly, the demands of our final products consumers.

All ChickPeas products are certified to be compliant with regulations of Russian State Standards (GOST) and Technical Specifications (TU).

  1. Our company was founded in 2007.
  2. We are agricultural producers.
  3. We have our own processing facility equipped with state-of-the-art equipment (that is capable to produce up to 300 tons of goods daily).
  4. We operate both within the Russian Federation and abroad, and we are capable of exporting our products outside the territory of Russian Federation.


Chickpeas processed on a color sorter. Quality 99.9% pure (in a bag of 25 or 50 kg.).

Chickpea (Cicer arietinum) is a food product that is very popular in the Middle East. The chickpea has more than 80 nutrients. Its energy value is low – only 120 kcal per 100 g of product. Compared to other grains, chickpea contains greater amounts of methionine, an amino acid capable of reducing blood cholesterol level, improving person’s work performance and positively affecting the nervous system activities.

Chickpea 0.5
Chickpea 6+
Chickpea 8+


The ChickPeas company provides the following agricultural services to its clients.

Pre-processing of seed grains
We can clean up and pre-process your seed grains
Processing services
We can process your legume, grain or oil crops.
Optical sorting
We can perform a high-quality optical sorting using the modern photoelectronic optical sorter.
We can package various agricultural products into polypropylene bags (25, 50 kg) or big-bags.
We can transport the products within the Russian Federation territory or ship them abroad.

Benefits for our partners

Our company has its own production facility and is capable of shipping the goods directly from this facility without the need to contract any intermediate parties.
We practice individual approach to each customer as we account for the specific features of each and any order to provide the solution most convenient to the ordering customer.
We utilize comprehensive production technologies based on innovation, continuous quality control and using our own raw materials.
We always consider the real needs and requests of our customers when planning our operations.
We guarantee the high quality of our goods as we are capable of performing all stages of the production cycle: from growing the raw materials to supplying the final goods to the shops.

Our logistic activities cover the whole territory of Russia, CIS countries and the world.

We can ship any batch of goods that our customers are interested in.
We can transport our goods to all regions of Russia and the whole world.
We export our goods to more than 10 countries (partners) and guarantee their quality and compliance with standard regulations.


Individual entrepreneur Head of the peasant farm Baisalyamov Zarif Batyrkhanovich

Address: 413713, Saratov region, Pugachevsky district, Bobrovka rural area

Phone: +79371414286


Working hours:

Mon - Fri from 09:00 to 21:00
Sat - Sun from 10:00 to 20:00